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    Company Profile

    A school uniform and leading manufacturers of clothing, life companies GTSC!
    Creativity and innovation,
    sewing textiles was a running to produce environmentally friendly cooperative.
    Various changes in the school uniform market and breaking the industry leader
    and a creative solution for any of the trenches.
    Way towards the global clothing companies.
    Customers, employees and suppliers,
    as well as providing a better experience for the benefit of society as a whole is far wider.
    Happiness and fashion dream of creating a culture of life, to have and enjoy together.
    That's GTSC the Engines of.


    Companies Contributing to Innovative Development of School Uniform Culture!
    leading the textile industry in Gyeonggi Province.
    I'm Kim Jong Seop, chairman of the Gyeonggi Textile Co-operative Society.

    I have been in the clothing industry for over 30 years.
    We, the Gyeonggi Textile Sewing Cooperative Association, are the most proud of itself and pride in the world.
    I'm proud to be a leader in the textile industry.
    Delivering student uniforms and daily clothes, students are more comfortable and eco-friendly.
    I'm trying to provide it to students.
    We will be a company that contributes to innovative development of school uniform culture in Gyeonggi